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How to keep your furry family member safe from in-home holiday dangers

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

December 7, 2021

Whether you need general pet health and safety advice, tips on keeping your pet active and stimulated during the winter months, or questions on keeping your furry family members free from in-home holiday dangers, we’ve got the latest tips, the most trusted vet recommendations, and the best products for pet parents everywhere just in time for the holiday season. We tackle all of your questions and concerns for your pet's safety and well-being with Chewy’s Senior Veterinarian Dr. Katy Nelson.

Are there any holiday dishes safe to give my pet?
It’s best to stick with your pets’ healthy diet, even when we may be indulging a bit during the holidays. Pets have much more sensitive GI tracts than most humans do, and the fat, sugar, and salt we consume during the holidays, which bring on a couple of extra pounds, can be deadly to our pets. So stick with what their guts know to avoid illness. Even better, make your pet your exercise partner during the holidays, so you BOTH stay safe and healthy throughout the holiday season.

What should I do if my pet eats something they weren’t supposed to? 
Chewy offers health care services to make the pet parenting experience easier and more convenient such as Connect with a Vet. With this service, Chewy makes it possible for pet parents to connect directly with a licensed veterinarian 24/7 to receive advice, discuss health and wellness concerns of their pet, and receive referrals to their local vets or emergency clinics. CWAV is a great resource for urgent situations like these, providing fast and easy access to licensed veterinarians. Also, always keep the number to Animal Poison Control programmed in your phone and/or displayed on your fridge so you can connect with the proper source instantly.

We have guests coming for the holidays. Anything I should be aware of to keep them and my pets safe?
The number one call to Poison Control every year is for the ingestion of human medications. Guests come with their meds, their purses full of gum (or cigarettes), and maybe even their favorite candy or desserts. These items can all pose major dangers to pets too. So keep guest room doors closed and bags away from pets. And warn your guests of any allergies or sensitivities your pet may have so your guests don’t unknowingly give your pets something that could make them ill.

What household dangers are there during the holidays besides food?
It’s the most beautiful time of the year, but those trees, plants, flowers, bows, tinsel, bells, candles, and shiny glass balls can all pose their own dangers. Keep breakable/flammable items well out of reach of pets, cover Christmas tree water tightly, and consider your pets’ individual personalities when it comes to specific decorations. 

My pets get very stressed with company, lights, trees, etc.  How can I help?
All the new things in the house (and the new people) can be scary for some pets.  Talk with a licensed vet today through Chewy to discuss some great ways to keep your pets merry and calm for the holidays. From supplements to pheromones, Chewy has some amazing calming products for both dogs and cats. For severe anxiety, talk to your vet ahead of time to discuss the possibility of prescription intervention. And remember, if you’re traveling for the holidays, make sure your pet is up to date on their vaccines at least two weeks before boarding.

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