Quick & Easy Ways to Elevate Cherished Holiday Traditions This Season

It’s never been more important to celebrate them at home from meals to secrets for Santa and must-have gifting ideas

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

December 4, 2020

What are some ways you can bring holiday traditions and occasions to a new level this year? Here is a look at the musts when it comes to beverages, food and décor.

Festive Drinks
Cozy beverages like hot chocolate are a beloved holiday pastime. Usually, people just mix some milk with cocoa powder and call it a day, but you can elevate this classic holiday drink by simply heating up some chocolate milk in the microwave for 80-90 seconds or until it's steamy. Be sure to use a microwave safe mug. It is such an easy hack. Take it up a notch by using fairlife ultra-filtered chocolate milk, it has 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than regular milk. Plus, it's rich, creamy, absolutely delicious and lactose free. If you’re adventurous, you could try spicing up your drink with different ingredients or you could do a fun twist on the classic and make a white hot chocolate drink instead. Check out some great holiday recipes at fairlifeholidays.com

Holiday Meal Planning Hack
While you might be cooking for a smaller crowd, or even cooking your first holiday dinner this year, you can still make the festivities special by serving smaller portions of your favorite dishes or putting a twist on traditional ones. Nothing is more comforting than potatoes. Recipes like traditional scalloped potatoes and mini hasselbacks are so easy because we make them with the Little Potato Company creamer potatoes. They come ready to use with no washing or peeling required, they’re small and consistent in size, so they cook quickly and to the same “doneness.” You can roast them, boil them, or even microwave them and use in your favorite family potato dish.

Decorating Ideas
Shopping for holiday décor and gifts can be overwhelming for many, especially this year, so a way to make it easier is to find a one stop shop for your holiday essentials. You can find incredible value at Bed Bath and Beyond because they have everything we need from great decorations for inside and outside your home to entertaining must-haves. And of course, amazing gifts for everyone on your list. You have the option of contactless curbside pickup, in-store and same day delivery. All you have to do is order online and select how you want to pick up or have your items delivered. Go to bedbathandbeyond.com and check it out.

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