Elevating the Human Spirit as We Age

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

June 19, 2024

We all desire to know the secret to happiness and longevity…well a recent survey by Comfort Keepers, a company that operates more than 600 offices nationwide of caregivers who deliver uplifting support to seniors…found that a positive mindset about aging can help them thrive. They’re celebrating their 6th annual National Day of Joy and Chief Happiness Officer, Saudia Gajadhar says it’s to remind people that finding joy is important for maintaining physical and mental health, as well as improving overall well-being.

The National Day of Joy is the last Wednesday in June every year and this year it’s on June 26th. The theme is the power of positivity, recognizing the importance of joy in all our lives every single day.  Research shows that socialization, positivity and joy can make a huge difference in our later years. Their annual survey asked adult sons and daughters about how they’re helping their aging parents embrace aging with a positive mindset.

They found that three quarters of adult children say it’s important to have a caregiving network to support their aging parents’ physical, emotional and social needs.

Comfort Keepers, says it’s not just about managing the challenges that come with aging, it's about embracing the possibilities and celebrating the positive changes that come with each passing day. Sherri Snelling, Comfort Keepers collaborator & gerontologist says we should also focus on making memories…whether it's sitting and watching a movie together, taking a joy ride around town or just video chatting, it’s important to have those connections where you’re having great conversations. It really helps both the health factor and also the happiness factor for older adults.

This year, the National Day of Joy will be celebrated in more than 100 locations across the country to help local communities inspire joy. For more information about it, Comfort Keepers services, or to become a caregiver yourself, visit comfortkeepers.com. They’re also inviting you to share your day of joy activity on social media using #nationaldayofjoy.

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