Sex, Romance and Valentine's Day

Flirting, flowers, candles and more. The ultimate guide to creating the mood...

By The LifeMinute Team

February 5, 2018

How to have your best Valentine's Day yet? Sex Therapist and Relationship Psychologist, Dr. Shannon Chavez gives her best advice.

Don't Forget the Little Gestures
Buy a card AND take the time to choose something heartfelt. What woman doesn't love flowers or candy? These little gestures create romance and romance sets the mood for the night.

Have a Plan
If you need a sitter or dinner reservations set it up ahead of time, anything you can do to alleviate stress is major.

Setting the Mood
Don't forget to flirt. It's a fun and thrilling way to express our sexuality. There is no right or wrong way to do it, as long as you are having fun and being mindful of your partner's level of comfort.

Don't forget to tell him or her that they look good. Let them know you notice them. One of the most important aspects of sexual desire is feeling desired, which can be emotional, physical and even mental.

Feel Confident in Your Own Skin
When you look and feel good, you feel confident and sexy. When it comes to confidence for women, Dr. Chavez recommends Vagisil. They've been making intimate health products for more than 40 years including washes that make you feel fresh and ready for anything. If you are worried about a scented wash irritating your sensitive skin, they now have a Scentsitive Scent Wash; it's skin friendly with no dyes, parabens or MIT preservatives. Get it here. And if you are one of the 43% of women who use lubricants or vaginal moisturizers Vagisil makes an amazing Moisturizing Lubricant that gives you a natural-feeling lubrication that lasts up to three days. Buy it here.

Create the Atmosphere for Romance
From rose petals to candles, get creative and put some intention into making intimacy more than the same old routine.


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