Spring Beauty and Wellness Buys

The best in self-care for this season

From the LifeMinute.TV

March 30, 2020

We rounded up the must-haves for spring survival. Here’s what you need from allergy relief to beauty. It’s all about self-care this spring.

Hair: Head & Shoulders Supreme Collection

Head & Shoulders Supreme Collection

Designed to help women achieve the best version of their hair and scalp with naturally derived, skincare inspired ingredients and a zinc-based scalp care active to address dryness and irritation. The 12 dye and phosphates-free products help you build a customized regimen – including in and out of shower treatments and great shampoos and conditioners.

Pick it up at walmart.com and online at other mass retailers

Allergies: AllerLife


Millions of people suffer from seasonal and year-round allergies and even after your allergy symptoms are relieved by allergy meds, some people may still experience tired, dreary feelings–these are the allergy "blahs." Now, there is a new, drug-free, first-of-its kind dietary supplement, called AllerLife that provides daily wellness support designed for allergy sufferers. It combines a unique vitamin and mineral blend, along with herbal ingredients, designed to help with the allergy "blahs" and to energize, fortify and focus the body & mind.

AllerLife is available over the counter at food, drug and mass retailers in the allergy aisle; a 20-count is just under $10. You can grab a 60 count for $17.99.

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