Spruce Up Fast: Home Improvement Tips For Spring

Tips, tricks and deals that will make your home both look better and be a healthier place to live

By The LifeMinute Team

May 9, 2017

Spring is the perfect time to update some of the basic elements of your home including your lighting, flooring, and water filtration system.

See The Light

It's the details that count, like this Adorn light switch from Legrand. "What I like about it is square design," says expert Frank Fontana. "It's sophisticated and modern and comes in 7 different interfaces and over thirty design styles for your switchplate covers."

Not an electrician or a DIY expert? No problem. Simply remove the old switch and pop the new one in. Boom! Instant style.

Go to beautifulswitch.com for a 50% off discount by going to the promo code box and typing in SPRING.

Focus On Flooring

Armstrong flooring's new release, Vivero, offers an array of different finishes from a rusted wood look to a stone finish. Vinyl based, it offers two different kinds of bling: One, the look and feel of the flooring on the outside and the other, the material inside. "The company has managed to use cultured diamond particles in every plank!" says Fontana.

Additionally, "it's great if you have kids and are always getting scratches," he says. To prove it, Fontana took permanent Parker and scribbled on a plank, then removed the mark with good, old-fashioned elbow grease. Viola!

Another benefit: It's easy to install.

Go to armstrongflooring.com for a $5 rebate.

Wonderful Water Filter

When it comes to water filtration systems, aesthetics are good but safety is paramount. "Check out the 3M Maximum Undersink Water Filtration System," says. Fontana. "It's easy to install for professionals or DIYers. All you do is hook it up to an existing faucet in the bathroom or kitchen."

Don't forget to change the filter every 6 months to filter out most contaminants in tap water and 99% of lead.

Find the 3M Maximum Undersink Water Filtration System at local retailers or go to Loews.com and search for "3M Water Filters."

Spring Safety

-Every Spring, don't forget to check the batteries in your smoke detectors by hitting the test button and listening for the beeping noise.

-When it comes to your HVAC and air quality, change those filters out every 3 months. They can be the cause of sniffling, sneezing and other allergies.


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