Staying on Track with Your Resolutions

SHAPE Magazine's tips for starting small and setting realistic goals

From the LifeMInute team

Nearly 40 percent of Americans made a New Year's Resolution that they didn't keep. In fact, nearly half of us have relapsed by now. SHAPE Magazine's Bahar Takhtehchian gave us some advice to help us get back on track! Bahar says the trick to making any change is to start small and set realistic goals.

"If you try to bite off more than you can chew, you're setting yourself up for disappointment," she says, "Also, by making small adjustments to your existing routine this will help you form new habits you can stick with for the long term."

Tyson Foods actually kicked-off a new program featuring their Tyson(R) Grilled & Ready(R) products with this very premise in mind called the "Just Add This" program. The premise of the program is simple -- start with 97% fat-free fully cooked chicken that has a great grilled taste and just add a few ingredients to create a new, better for you recipe, or add a quick walk during lunch, and be on the way to a better lifestyle.

From now through March you can join the program on the Tyson(R) Grilled & Ready(R) products Facebook page by clicking on the "Just Add This" tab. Here you'll find tips, prizes and delicious, good-for-you recipes.

Even if you don't have a ton of time to cook, that's okay! Grilled & Ready(R) chicken is fully cooked, so you can cut down on the prep time, but still enjoy a healthful lunch or dinner. It's also now available in a space-saving bag for your freezer. Same amount with the same great grilled taste.

Starting next month people are invited to submit a recipe that they improved by just adding Tyson(R) Grilled & Ready(R) chicken through the program tab on Facebook. One winner will receive a weekend getaway to a Taste of Home Cooking School where they will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their recipe to other cooks.

Now when it comes to sticking to your resolutions Bahar says rally support from others, "research shows that people who make healthy changes together are more likely to succeed."

She also says a lot of resolutions fail because people express them too vaguely. Instead of saying "I will be more organized" say "I will spend 15 minutes a day de-cluttering one part of a room." Or instead of saying, "I want to lose weight," say "I want to drop one pound per week."

Another tip, before committing to a resolution, make out a list of pros and cons. Ideally, the pros should outweigh cons.

"If you're aiming to workout more, pros would include: you will lose weight, you will boost your immunity, you will be in a better mood." While the cons may include: "It would take up your free time, it might cost money to join a gym," she says.

Check out this program and sign up at and click on the "Just Add This" tab.


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