Summer Survival Guide

Make the most of summer for you and your family, from developing a summer routine to tackling household tasks

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

June 18, 2024

Summer is here, which means kids are spending their days out in the sun, working up a sweat and participating in sports. That sweat can lead to odor-causing bacteria in their post-game clothing, jerseys and socks. The result? Some seriously stinky laundry all summer long.

When it comes to tackling that stink-filled laundry, Lysol® laundry sanitizer is a great option. It kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria when added to your laundry routine and used as directed. It’s available at most major retailers and to learn more!

Now as the summer heat ramps up, and you’re outside doing those summer activities, it’s only natural to want to shield yourself from the sun’s rays by wearing a hat. But wearing a hat in the hot weather can create a humid micro-climate where dandruff-causing microbes are more likely to thrive. So, you may notice a more irritated scalp and possibly some flakes on your shirt. Fortunately, Head & Shoulders Bare, is your summer hair care go-to, to help.

It’s made with only 9 ingredients, plus it’s sulfate, silicone, and dye free, and was created with the clinically proven dandruff-fighting ingredient zinc pyrithione (ZPT), which goes deep to fight dandruff at the source. It keeps your scalp and hair refreshed and comes in two different formulas – Bare pure clean for oily hair and scalp, and Bare soothing hydration for dry hair and scalp. Not only does it get the job done by leaving your scalp feeling refreshed, but your hair will look great, and smell amazing, too! Get it right at!

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