Tips for Maximizing Your Time

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

March 21, 2024

Now that we’ve officially sprung forward, the days may seem longer, but our to-do lists don’t seem to get any shorter! Here are tips and the latest products out there to help us out.

In fact, it can feel like we need to accomplish even more in a day - and unfortunately the schedule just gets so jam-packed and frenetic that we often scramble for lunch or miss it all together, which is not good. That’s why we are loving the new Knorr Rice and Pasta Cups. They are quick, easy-to-make and super delicious for lunch, and ready in just two and a half minutes or less. The Knorr Rice Cups are made with 100% U.S. grown rice and are out now. They have 6-7 grams of protein per serving: and come in four yummy flavors; Three Cheese Mushroom Risotto, Garden Tomato Risotto, Fajita Rice, and Chicken Flavored Fried Rice. The pasta cups will start rolling out in April, in three flavors, these have 8-9 grams of protein per serving: Teriyaki Noodles, Spicy Korean-Style BBQ and Pad Thai. These cups are also made with 100% real vegetables.

The rice cups are great on their own but you can also take them up a notch and add some toppings like cheese or veggies. Also, avocado slices, mango salsa or sour cream are delicious in the fajita rice cups. While they’re ideal for lunch they’re a great and easy dinner too. Get them for just $2.99 at Walmart or grocery stores nationwide.

Next up, our beauty routines. You want to find products that are multi-purpose and get as much as possible done and if your hair is in need of some moisturizing and repair after the harsh winter months, this is your go to, it’s the drugstore brand OGX and their Extra Strength Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Hair Oil Serum, it’s made with a blend of really high-end things like silk proteins and cold-pressed Moroccan argan oil. This is a true multi-purpose oil, that helps smooth hair, seal in nutrients and really repair it, making it super strong and shiny, but still touchably soft. You can use it after you wash as just an extra conditioner to nourish your strands, or as a primer on just the ends to protect it from heat styling and UV damage, or even after you style your hair to tame frizz. You can use it every day and it's ideal if you have medium to coarse textured hair or if your hair is really dry. Find it at Target, for just $7.99.

Now, the key to great hair is a healthy scalp and Maui Moisture is all about it, that’s why they’ve just launched a whole new line dedicated to it called Scalp Care. It includes a Clarifying Shampoo, Rejuvenating Conditioner, and Soothe & Strengthen Serum. This collection is really targeted to curly and wavy hair and packed with 100% aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, rosemary oil, and vitamins E and B. Use them in combo to get rid of buildup and they just leave your hair refreshed and restored.  Prevents up to 90% of curl breakage on your brush. If you use it every day it locks in 25x more moisture and makes it 50x softer. Massage the strengthening serum into your scalp from root-to-end before you style it and this is going to make your curls two times stronger, prevent dryness, control frizz for 48 hours. Get them all at Target for $10.25 each.

Other tips to try – get to bed an hour earlier to catch up on sleep. Lean into your personality, if not a morning person don’t push it. And if you are, try to get up an hour earlier and get more done. Plan ahead, write down agenda of things you need to get done for the next day such as laying your clothes out and setting the coffee so it’s ready when you wake up. Avoid distractions throughout the day. Lastly, the best tip is don’t be afraid to say no to plans.

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