Tips for Trimming the Christmas Tree

How to shape and maintain a healthy Christmas tree

From the LifeMintue.TV Team

December 10, 2022

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and we’ve got tips to keep your Christmas tree healthy and fresh all season long.

For starters, before selecting a tree, make sure it will fit. Measure the height of the ceiling where you plan to place it, the size of the tree stand, and the height of the tree topper ahead of time, then take a tape measure to the nursery or store to compare the height.

After you have found your ideal tree, ask the seller if they can give the base of the trunk a fresh cut. This helps to remove any dried sap that could block the tree from absorbing water. Once you get the fresh-cut tree home, then put the tree in water. When ready to set it up, cut off at least a half inch of the tree trunk if you haven’t already done so, even if you don’t need to alter the height. Trimming the tree trunk helps the tree absorb water and maintain freshness.

Place your Christmas tree upright in a tree stand. The stand should hold at least a gallon of water. Next, use hedge clippers, pruning shears, or a shearing knife to cut off branches that look dead, discolored, overly dry, or protruding. Find the most central, vertical branch at the top of your tree and trim it to about 10 inches if it is any longer. The top center branch helps keep the trim to a sturdy length so it can be used to support the tree topper.

Trim the ends of branches that stick out of the tree’s overall shape. For a classic look, typically, the base of branches should be the widest, with the circumference becoming gradually smaller as you go up to the top, which ends in a tapered point. Avoid cutting into old growth (usually a darker green color) unless necessary. Leftover branches can be used for making a wreath for your front door or a garland to hang over your fireplace.

Check the water level of the tree regularly. To maintain a fresh Christmas tree, keep at least the bottom two inches of the trunk immersed in fresh, clean water.

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