The Top Emojis and What Your Favorite Says about You

Could the emoji you use most often give clues into your personality? See what yours says!

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

July 17, 2021

Today there is an emoji for just about everything. Just in time to celebrate World Emoji Day on July 17, we take a look at some of the most used emojis and what the one you communicate with most says about you.

The Heart
If you often find yourself sending the red heart, you are a deeply compassionate soul who wears this emoji on your sleeve. You are constantly expressing your love for others or the things you're passionate about. You have a genuine zest for life.

The Crying Laughing Face
You don’t take yourself too seriously. When you make a fool of yourself you can quickly laugh it off. You also appreciate humor and recognize the importance of a little fun and frivolity at times. Unfortunately, this emoji can also be used passive-aggressively or as self-doubt when trying to express yourself so be careful you are not using it this way.

The Prayer Hands
Whether you are religious or deeply spiritual, using this emoji ultimately means you are a very grateful individual. You recognize that you have tons to be thankful for and often express that gratitude. You also notice all the things that others have done for you and you let them know often.

The Fire Symbol
You are a high-energy person who knows what’s hot and what’s not. You may be an adrenaline junkie, adventure seeker, or just the life of the party but you are always the one to heat up any situation. Just be careful your carefree ways don’t burn you.

The Crying Face
You may be over-emotional and overwhelmed but you are deeply connected to your sensitive side. This can lead you to relate to people and be there for them or be seen as someone with a chip on their shoulder and emotionally burdensome.

The Wink Face
You are playful and flirty. When texting the wink you know exactly what you are doing and often use this emoji as either a form of foreplay or to get what you want.

The Smiley Face
You are an optimistic people pleaser who always has a smile on your face. Since you are always pleasant and nice to everyone you know, it's no surprise that this is your favorite emoji. Keep that glass half full perspective going. The world needs more of this emoji!

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