Wife Appreciation Day

Hear these celeb hubbies gush over their better halves

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

September 20, 2020

It’s Wife Appreciation Day and these celeb hubbies have nothing but praise for their better halves.

“I have a great wife, that’s how it’s done. She does everything, including parenting me,” said country mega star Tim McGraw about his bride of 24 years, Faith Hill.

What does Ted Danson love about his Oscar-winning wife, Mary Steenburgen, “Pretty much everything. She’s a looker, she’s my trophy wife.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones can balance it all according to adoring hubby Michael Douglas, “She doesn’t bring her homework home much she leaves it in the office...she does her research, does her work and comes home and is a wife and a mom.”

“My wife is so supportive and such a rock star. She is the backbone of our family and it’s a great partnership,” says Matthew Morrison of his wife Renee who is also his groomer, “honestly my wife kind of takes care of me. She does this then she cuts my strays. I think I have a couple of ear hairs that have to go.”

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