Five Nights at Freddy's , Freelance , and Inspector Sun hit theaters with Five Nights at Freddy's also available to stream on Peacock on October 27.
This weekend Butcher's Crossing starring Nicolas Cage, and Killers of the Flower Moon , starring Leonardo DiCaprio, hit theaters, while Old Dads …more
There's plenty of new stuff to watch this weekend. First, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour and In the Fire hit theaters, while three series, Goosebumps , …more
Kraven the Hunter , Shelter in Solitude , The Exorcist: Believer , Foe , and The Burial all come to theaters on October 6.
This week, The Creator , The Kill Room , Saw X , PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie , and Carlos hit theaters while Flora and Son streams on Apple TV.
There are three new movies to check out this weekend. First up in theaters is the fourth edition of the action-packed series Expend4bles , which …more
The Nun II , My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 , Poor Things , and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe hit theaters this weekend.
The Equalizer 3 , Bottoms , The Good Mother , and Nandor Fodor And The Talking Mongoose come to theaters on September 1.
Thrillers, chillers, and heart-warmers in theatres this week
The latest flicks include a DC Super Hero's first time on the big screen; a group of talking dogs banding together to help one find his way home; a …more
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