Wednesday, May 1 2019
The 2019 Billboard Music Awards hit the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas tonight with Kelly Clarkson as host. Here's a peek at some of the hottest …more
Thursday, Apr 4 2019
Chapman's latest offering Deeper Roots: Where The Bluegrass Grows on New Day Records was released in March and is a return to the music of his youth, …more
Saturday, Mar 23 2019
What's Maino been up to? We chat with the New York City native about his latest project Die a Legend out next month as well as a film. The 'All the …more
Friday, Mar 22 2019
California band Switchfoot has been pumping out their own brand of passionate Alternative Pop/Rock for more than 20 years now with no signs of slowing …more
Tuesday, Mar 5 2019
The Fleshtones have been pumping out their own amalgam of dance/garage rock grooves or as they like to call it, "SUPER ROCK" to the delight of their …more
Monday, Feb 11 2019
Loads of PDA, Encrusted gems, and music icons on the red carpet at The 2019 Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in LA last night.
Thursday, Jan 31 2019
It's been over a decade since Chris Berardo put out a record, but he's back along with longtime combo the DesBerados for a fourth album, Wilder All …more
Thursday, Jan 3 2019
It's been just more than twenty years now, since Blue October was discovered in a Houston caf by Kid Rock's manager. Since then, the alternative rock …more
Thursday, Dec 27 2018
Independent artist, FrankFosterrecently released his seventh studio album, 'Til I'm Gone , debuting at No. 2 (behind Carrie Underwood) on the …more
Tuesday, Nov 27 2018
It's been 30 years in the making for the funky, rock, blues band Spin Doctors . You for sure remember those huge 90's hits 'Two Princes,' 'Little Miss …more
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