Thursday, Mar 24 2016
The band of brothers and friends from the San Francisco Bay Area chat about headlining Live Nation's 'Ones To Watch' tour, their latest EP 'When Night …more
Wednesday, Mar 2 2016
Lonnie Angle and Thomas Dutton--also known as the band Cardiknox--speak about their musical upbringing and what it's like to shoot an entire video …more
Tuesday, Dec 15 2015
The L.A.-based indie band The Lonely Wild released their thought-provoking sophomore album titled "Chasing White Light" last October to acclaim from …more
Monday, Dec 14 2015
Not many indie bands can say that fans and critics alike describe their music as both artistically creative and "fun and head-bobbing." Enter JR JR, a …more
Wednesday, Dec 9 2015
"When I'm writing songs I draw upon the small details of my own life," says St. Louis-native soul singer, GoldFord, upon the release of his new single …more
Thursday, Oct 22 2015
The new 6 track EP contains Hell's hit single "Two Heads," which has soared to the Top 10 of Alternative Radio, surpassed 35 million Spotify …more
Wednesday, Jul 22 2015
We sat down with prolific singer/songwriter Matt Pond to get the inside track on his newest album, The State of Gold, and his upcoming fall tour …more
Wednesday, Jul 15 2015
Dear Rouge's Canadian husband and wife duo, Drew and Danielle McTaggart, share the inspiration of their debut album Black To Gold .
Friday, Jun 26 2015
AJR's hit single 'I'm Ready,' has propelled this trio of brothers into the limelight. Now, they are quickly becoming the group to watch.
Tuesday, Jun 23 2015
Up and coming alternative musician Melanie Martinez talks about her August album release, Cry Baby , and all that teen angst emotion that inspires her …more
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