6 Tips For Hosting a Home Movie Night

How to recreate a movie night experience at home

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

June 9, 2023

Hosting a movie night for family and friends is a festive way to make new memories without leaving the house. In honor of National Movie Night on June 9, here are some ideas for planning your epic evening.

Download and print free movie ticket templates to invite your guests. Mail them out ahead of time and collect them when guests arrive, or you can hand them out in person.

Dress Code
Invite guests to wear specific dress attire associated with the flick theme you've chosen. For example, if showing Saturday Night Fever, ask people to wear 70s-style disco glam clothing.

Enhanced Experience
Decorate your viewing space with a movie-themed poster or props. Play a background movie soundtrack to set the mood and build anticipation. Make sure to have comfy blankets, pillows, and enough seating for your guests, like bean bags and floor cushions. And try to establish a no-phones rule by reminding everyone to turn off their cell phones.

Snack Bar
Provide a concession stand menu inspired by the movie. For like, The Godfather, make your guests an offer they cannot refuse by serving pizza, cannoli, and wine. If your watch party is enjoying When Harry Met Sally…, have what she's having: deli sandwiches such as turkey on white bread and coconut cake with chocolate sauce (on the side)! Or go with more traditional snacks. Pop up a big batch of buttered-flavored popcorn and place it in classic red-striped and white popcorn buckets, which can be purchased online at places like Amazon. Serve bottled soft drinks and novelty sweet treats like Sno-Caps, Junior Mints, Twizzlers, and Starburst.

Watching in a darkened room can create the best ambiance. But if turning off all the lights makes it too dark, consider setting up a few dim lamps or string lights around the room.

Plan a brief intermission midway through the movie or at a cliffhanging moment. This gives everyone time to check their phones, use the bathroom, stretch, and load up on another round of snacks.

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