7 Water Fun Activities and the Best Places to Do Them

Cool off while having a blast this summer

From LifeMinute.TV Team

June 18, 2021

As the summer heats up, try these adventurous aqua activities to stay cool.

Surfing in Santa Cruz
Nicknamed "Surf City," Santa Cruz is one of the top surfing destinations in California. The town has 11 world-class surf breaks including point breaks over Steamer Lane and Pleasure Point.

Kayaking in Lake Tahoe
Explore this large freshwater lake located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains by kayak, which straddles the border of California and Nevada. Relax and paddle around one of the most beautiful rock formations, Cave Rock, and enjoy the scenic shoreline.

Jet Skiing in Miami
Cruise the tropical aquamarine waters of South Florida at speeds up to 70 mph and see Miami and its beaches through a different lens.

Tubing down the Delaware River
Float down the river with your friends on North America’s #1 tube ride, which is on the most historic and symbolic section of the Delaware River. You can even grab a hot dog in the middle of the river between Pennsylvania and New Jersey from the Famous River Hot Dog Man during your adventure at Adventure Island.

Rafting the Grand Canyon
Rafting the full canyon segment of Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is the ultimate way to experience one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. You'll avoid the strenuous hike and still get to see the Little Colorado River, Redwall Cavern, Unkar Delta, and Nankoweap Granaries.

Snorkeling in Maui
See the stunning underwater views as you snorkel in the crystal clear waters off Maui, Hawaii. Enjoy up to 200 feet of visibility to view fish, coral, and sea turtles.

Sailing in Annapolis
Enjoy Annapolis, Maryland's rich maritime heritage and the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay aboard a sailboat. Book a tour or take lessons so you can eventually rent your own boat to set out on the open waters.

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