Fascinating Endangered Species

A look at the majestic animals that are on the verge of extinction 

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

May 21, 2021

Every third Friday in May is National Endangered Species Day. The day was created to raise awareness about vulnerable wildlife. We honor these truly majestic and fascinating creatures by taking a look at their unique characteristics. 

Amur Leopard
With a population of about 84 in the Russian Far East, these beautiful cats are considered “critically endangered.” They can leap more than 19 feet horizontally and up to 10 feet vertically. 

Out of the 5 species of rhinos, 3 are considered “critically endangered”— the black, Javan, and Sumatran. This is due to the rise of poaching and the loss of their habitat.  Rhinos are an umbrella species as they sit at the top of the food chain their extinction would throw off the entire ecosystem. 

Hawksbill Turtle 
These “critically endangered” sea turtles are named for their pointed beak. They have a long history as a group of reptiles that have existed for 100 million years. 

With an estimated only 104,700 (Bornean) 13,846 (Sumatran) 800 (Tapanuli) of the species left, they are considered “critically endangered.” Their name means “man of the forest” in the Malay language. They share 96.4% of genes with humans. 

The elephant population has drastically declined in the last century due to the ivory trade and habitat loss. They are the largest mammal on earth weighing 4-6 tons. 

African Wild Dog
One of the most endangered mammals, they travel in packs and hunt gazelles. They can run at speeds of 44 miles per hour.

Blue Whale 
They are the largest endangered species and one of the largest animals on the planet, weighing up to 200 tons. They are also the loudest animal. Their call reaches levels up to 188 decibels and can be heard hundreds of miles away underwater. 

Calling Central Africa home, they are very social, much like humans. In fact, they are most closely related to humans, sharing about 98% of genes. 

Red Panda
Although they resemble a bear, these endangered species are only the size of your pet cat. They mostly stay in trees and are skilled acrobats. 

Black Spider Monkey
One of the largest primate species in South America, these red-faced monkeys are only considered “vulnerable.” They have a strong tail that acts as a third limb for gripping as they swing across trees. A single swing can cover as much as 30 feet. 

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