How To Become A Bookworm

Tips to fall in love with reading

From the LifeMinute.TV

August 9, 2023

National Book Lovers Day is August 9. Foster a passion for reading with these strategies, then enjoy a great escape.

Find a Genre You Love
Discover books based on your interest through a publishing company website or a site like Goodreads, which provides curated lists of books based on a specific theme and with recommendations. Look for books with positive reviews from other readers or popular authors and series. Ask family and friends for suggestions too. Don’t waste time with a book you don’t enjoy. Give it about 20 or 30 pages, then drop it if it’s not working for you.

Explore the Library 
Spend some time visiting your local library. Libraries are free, and they offer a variety of books waiting for you to discover. Use the catalog to look up authors, titles, and subjects that interest you. Ask the librarians for suggestions too.

Have a Place and Time
Creating that ideal space and time dedicated to reading, away from the daily grind, can make it easier to sit down and focus on the pages in front of you. Make the whole experience enjoyable by turning it into a ritual. Perhaps, a corner nook in the bedroom in the early morning with a cup of coffee; or that oversized chair in your living room after dinner. Reading shouldn't feel like a chore. It should be something you look forward to.

Creating mental images of the things you read should enhance the enjoyment, making it a more meaningful reading experience. Visualizing allows you to notice details, character motivations and emotions, and connections with them more effortlessly. It may be helpful to pause reading for a minute or two or one or two sentences at a time, close your eyes, and try to picture what you’ve just read.

Join a Book Club
Being part of a book club, particularly with scheduled discussions, should motivate you to pick up that book. And clubs are a great way to establish a community feeling with other readers. You can make new friends or widen your circle to include people you might not have met otherwise. Research indicates that being part of a social group, like a book club, can help extend your life too. To find a club, ask Facebook/Instagram friends or work colleagues. Or check out your library or local independent bookstore. You can start a club of your own too.

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