Learning Guitar and Finding the Right One for You is Easier Than Ever

Fender launches online guitar matchmaking experience along with extended offer of three free months of lessons

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

October 21, 2020

There’s no doubt music is good for the soul and while we’ve been in quarantine, it seems like many are turning to the guitar for refuge. In fact, learning to play has become one of the most popular ways people are unwinding and passing the time during stay-at-home orders. That’s why the famous guitar company Fender saw record-breaking sales these past few months and in light of that, they’re doing some really cool things.  Launching findyour.fender.com, for one, an online guitar guide that helps you find the instrument that’s right for you from price range to color, even how you like your twang.

They’re also extending the offer on their online lessons. Go to fender.com/playfree until the end of the year—you’ll get three free months of lessons. It also makes a great gift too. For those you know who already own guitars you can also check out all the great accessories to go with them, amps, cables, picks, straps. They even sell cute clothes on the site and ugly Christmas sweater straps.

Head to findyour.fender.com to find the right instrument and for the free lessons until the end of the year, head to fender.com/playfree.

No cost. No catch. Just music. We are all about it.

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