Smart and Stylish Ways to Travel this Summer

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Summertime is here and that means, travel, travel, travel. Lifestyle expert, Sara Evans gave us some great travel savvy tips for the season.

Summertime is often synonymous with boo-boos...whether you are traveling with a van full of kids or a suitcase full of strappy sandals that might give you blisters. One of the most important items to pack for summer vacations are Band-Aid(R) brand adhesive bandages. They have a new quiltvent technology that creates air channels to let your wound breathe, even better than before, while still protecting from dirt and germs.

Talk about summer survival in style...they've partnered once again with fashion designer and surfer Cynthia Rowley to create a new limited-edition collection of designer bandages: Band-Aid(R) brand beach sport kit. Comes complete with Neosporin packets. Both products are now available at

Travel and lifestyle expert, Sara Evans says, "you want to make sure you don't get sick on the road, vacation as we all know is time is hard to come by...when I start to feel that stuffy nose or that itchy throat, I go straight for Cold-EEZE."

The key is to stop it as soon as you feel it coming on. Cold-EEZE is a fabulous remedy. You can use a lozenge or Cold-EEZE has a new oral spray, just 2 sprays in your mouth per dose is all you need. It has zinc gluconate, that's been clinically proven to shorten the duration of a cold. All Cold-EEZE products release zinc ions, which are absorbed by the upper respiratory tract--This inhibits the cold virus from replicating.

You can take it with a symptom or pain reliever if needed. They also have a new day and nighttime quick-melt homeopathic product that helps you feel better fast. The nighttime one helps you get a great night's sleep, "sleep like a baby, wake up feeling refreshed. You won't feel drowsy with this product, which is key," says Evans.

Now another thing you want to avoid in the summer...mosquitos, deer ticks and other flying biting insects. They are a major annoyance, so effective insect repellents are helpful. Avon's SKIN SO SOFT Bug Guard collection has a range of products to protect your family. Avon's SKIN SO SOFT Bug Guard towelettes are a quick and easy travel friendly form of repellent, perfect for those on-the-go summer days.

Mess free, fuss-free and will protect yourself and your loved ones. They come in a set of 8 -in a resealable pouch. $14 for 8 packets-just call your local Avon representative. 1-800 for Avon or go to


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