Strategies to Make Your Hotel Room Homey

Planning ahead and bringing along a few amenities can make the space feel homier

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

March 19, 2024

Even the world’s most opulent hotels can feel less than comfy. Try using the following tips to make your accommodations more relaxing.

Traveling for work or on a budget and your hotel room needs a little love. Even the nicest hotels can feel less than homey. Here are some tips to make you feel more settled and at-ease.


Bring along disposable travel-size cleaning wipes and wipe down frequently touched areas: light switches, remote controls… giving the toilet seat a once over isn’t a bad idea either.


Avoid living out of your suitcase. To get more settled, take the time to unpack and hang up your clothes as soon as you check in.


Rest more comfortably on your own pillow from home. If suitcase space is limited, contact the concierge or housekeeping to request a pillow tailored to your sleeping style. You can also ask them for a toothbrush, toothpaste, or any other toiletries, if you’ve forgotten yours.


Bring along your own robe, bedroom slippers, or even a travel candle in a soothing scent.


Set the thermostat to temperature you keep at home. Before going to bed, consider reducing it by a few degrees. Experts typically recommend between 60 to 68 degrees for a restful sleep.


Some hotels may only provide one or two outlets in the room. So bring a power strip or an extension cord with at least three connections to make it more convenient. If you’re traveling abroad, don’t forget the appropriate adapter.


Stay plugged into entertaining channels and favorite shows with a streaming device. At most hotels you can connect your phone or laptop to the room’s TV using an adapter, wireless casting device, or by capitalizing on a built-in screen mirroring function. Ask the hotel when booking the room.

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