Wednesday, May 31 2023
Ticksare found in brushy, wooded, or grassy areas - even on animals.And just walking outsidein your backyardwith your dog, gardening, hiking, or …more
Thursday, May 25 2023
Inside your ear are thousands of tiny hair cells that help you hear. Over time, loud noise can damage those cells. They cannot be repaired, whether a …more
Wednesday, May 24 2023
Intended for U.S. audience only. May 24 is World Schizophrenia Day. Dedicated to raising awareness of a condition affecting about 2.9 million American …more
Tuesday, May 16 2023
May is when the academic year starts to wind down, and it's also Mental Health Awareness Month. Now is the time to help teens prioritize their mental …more
Thursday, May 11 2023
Have you spotted that soft cylinder-shaped object at the gym and wondered what it was for? It's a foam roller, a self-myofascial release (SMR). Used …more
Friday, Apr 28 2023
It's Melanoma Monday and Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Since 2010, the skincare brand, La Roche-Posay, has been on a mission to educate the public …more
Tuesday, Apr 18 2023
If you think allergy season seems to start earlier every year AND last longer, you are not alone. Spring pollen and lingering winter allergens like …more
Tuesday, Mar 21 2023
The International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry recently published a study that reveals young children are 74% more likely to comply with positive …more
Monday, Mar 20 2023
Oral Health Day is Monday and a lot of people don't realize just how important a healthy smile is and how bad plaque bacteria can be for your oral …more
Friday, Mar 17 2023
The clocks have been moved forward. And we are in the midst of Sleep Awareness Month. This is a great reminder to prioritize sleep because it's …more
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