Thursday, Nov 17 2022
There have already been surges of flu and other respiratory illnesses earlier this year over the summer, during the 'off-season,' and it is expected …more
Friday, Nov 11 2022
With the holidays around the corner, let's close out 2022 stronger than ever by making time for fitness. Put your physical - and mental - wellness …more
Tuesday, Nov 1 2022
Today in America, millions of kids woke up this morning without access to the basics many of us take for granted: a toothbrush and toothpaste. Too …more
Thursday, Oct 13 2022
By 2025, there will be more than 1 billion women experiencing menopause in the world. That's equivalent to 12% of the entire world population of 8 …more
Wednesday, Sep 21 2022
We all want to get healthy, but the big question for many is, where do you start? Pilates may be the answer. The classic workout is making a …more
Thursday, Sep 15 2022
The fall allergy season is upon us. Here are the tips, tricks, and the latest must-haves to take charge of allergy symptoms and find relief fast. So, …more
Thursday, Sep 8 2022
After a long summer of indulging, fall is a great time to turn over a new healthy leaf. In honor of the Fall season, we are bringing you some of our …more
Thursday, Sep 8 2022
Septemberis Sexual Health Awareness Month, and we are clearing up myths and misconceptions around sexual and vaginal health to empower women to speak …more
Wednesday, Aug 24 2022
As we approach a change of season, what your skin and hair need out of your beauty routine changes too. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lindsey …more
Tuesday, Aug 23 2022
No matter how large or small, it's important to tap into different solutions to achieve personal goals. CoolSculpting user Chinae Alexander shared her …more
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