Helping Teens Put Fitness First

According to the American Heart Association, only 25% of high school students get the recommended hour a day of physical activity. Here's how to get them moving this summer 

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June 5, 2024

School is almost out that means more free time for kids. Planet Fitness’ National Lead Trainer, Teddy Savage shares ideas to help them prioritize mental and physical wellness.

For the fourth year, Planet Fitness has brought back its High School Summer Pass program where we’re inviting high schoolers ages 14 – 19 to work out for free at any of their more than 2,500 planet fitness locations in the U.S. and Canada from now through August 31. Since the program’s start, Planet Fitness has invested more than $200 million in waived membership dues to promote youth health and wellness because it is important for teens to get moving.

According to the American Heart Association, only 25% of high school students get the recommended hour a day of physical activity – and screen time is partially to blame, along with declining physical education programs in schools which is disappointing since exercise has so many health benefits for people of all ages, but especially for growing teenagers. So, Planet Fitness commissioned a national study to further understand what high schoolers today are feeling and 94% of them face emotional and mental health struggles, while 72% admit they sometimes feel self-conscious while 43% confess that they struggle with having a positive body image of themselves.

The good news is that among teens who work out, 63% of them feel better about themselves when they exercise, with 59% acknowledging that they experience a mood boost and feel more accomplished – all great reasons to get motivated and moving this summer.

You see, teens know the health benefits of exercise, and many want to commit to making positive changes but don’t know where or how to start an exercise routine – which is where Planet Fitness comes in.

Even for teens who have never been to the gym before. Planet Fitness is home of the Judgement Free Zone, which is all about non-intimidating and attainable fitness in a welcoming environment, regardless of your fitness level all high school summer pass participants have access to free fitness training, free workouts designed specifically for high schoolers in the free Planet Fitness app as well as workout plans available at

We know most teens’ exposure to gym equipment is at their schools, so we have a few tips for them to keep in mind while at Planet Fitness. First, exercising with a buddy whether it be a friend, sibling or parent, can absolutely make for a more productive and fun workout, it’s typically best to keep buddy workouts to two people for sharing equipment time with others working out, especially pieces in high-demand. Always remember to wipe down equipment after use – we have spray and wipes conveniently located throughout the club to make it easy and create a safe environment for everyone.

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