Tuesday, Apr 21 2020
Good health is definitely top of mind for everyone right now. So what are some ways we can make sure we are staying healthy? Juice can be a great …more
Monday, Apr 6 2020
If you're feeling anxious, depressed and having trouble sleeping you're not alone. A new study by Cohen Veterans Network (CVN), a national non-profit …more
Saturday, Mar 21 2020
Jeffrey Sulitzer, DMD, Chief Clinical Officer, SmileDirectClub , says tele-health or virtual office visits are a critical tool to make sure you're …more
Thursday, Mar 19 2020
How best to maintain optimal immune health?Here are tips on how the immune system works and how inadequate nutrition may impact it and your overall …more
Tuesday, Mar 17 2020
What we're currently loving? The latest toothbrush from Oral-B called the Oral-B Clic.
Tuesday, Mar 17 2020
Larry Lynch, Senior Vice President of Science and Industry for the National Restaurant Association shares precautions, health and safety information …more
Tuesday, Mar 3 2020
According to the CDC, most Americans consume too much sodium and the biggest culprits are processed foods and straight salt. Health/nutrition expert, …more
Wednesday, Feb 26 2020
If you're one of the millions that suffer with seasonal allergies, we've got the latest in here are the latest among over the counter branded …more
Wednesday, Jan 29 2020
January is typically a time when people make and try to keep resolutions. But as the month nears its end, many people tend to lose their resolve. Here …more
Thursday, Jan 16 2020
Many resolve to get fit, lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle in the new year, but how do you go about setting yourself up for success? Dr. Josh …more
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