Thursday, Dec 16 2021
We all know that to be healthy, we should eat well, exercise more, manage our stress, and get better sleep, yet most don't know how to achieve these …more
Wednesday, Dec 1 2021
The ultimate checklist for the whole family from wellness must-haves to everyday necessities.
Monday, Nov 29 2021
With the dreaded cold and flu season in full swing, here is how to protect yourself and others.
Monday, Nov 22 2021
The statistics are staggering. According to the American Heart Association, 1 in 4 heart attack and clot-related stroke survivors will have another …more
Friday, Nov 19 2021
If you're looking for the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for a loved one on your list, look no further than the Oral-B iO , the latest innovation …more
Wednesday, Nov 10 2021
It's flu season, but with COVID still looming, there is so much to consider--like when is the right time to get the flu shot and your COVID booster? …more
Wednesday, Nov 3 2021
We may be losing an hour of daylight on November 7th when we set clocks back an hour for Daylight Savings, but here at LifeMinute, we like to see it …more
Friday, Oct 15 2021
With so few things we can control in life, we at are BIG BELIEVERS in the little things you can do to make yourself feel good, like …more
Friday, Oct 8 2021
It's National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Paralympic athlete Blake Leeper is drawing awareness to the lack of inclusivity in the fitness …more
Wednesday, Oct 6 2021
If there's anything we've learned over the past 18 months,it's that we allneed to makehealth and wellness a priority. A recent blind survey conducted …more
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