2 Buys to Help You Stick to Your Health and Wellness Resolutions

If your 2023 goals include drinking more water and getting better sleep, these wellness must-haves are for you

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

January 16, 2022

Now that we have officially kicked off the new year, we’re all looking for easy ways to stick to our health and wellness resolutions. Here are some buys to help you hit your goals in 2023.

A lot of us want to drink more water throughout the day. It’s so important to stay hydrated. In fact, the average person should drink at least half their body weight in ounces to stay hydrated, and taking your vitamins is crucial too. Something that helps you do both at once is Vöost. It’s a new vitamin brand that enables you to upgrade your water with a vitamin boost. They offer a range of vitamin boosts for all your wellness needs – like vitamin C, hydration, and multivitamins. Just drop a tablet in water, let it dissolve, and drink. Taking vitamins and staying hydrated has never been easier – or tastier. Plus, each tablet contains zero sugar and just ten calories. Vöost is a convenient and delicious way to get a portable burst of vitamins daily. 

Another common resolution is to prioritize sleep. We know that one of the most common sleep disruptors is sleeping hot. And did you know that sleeping hot is a year-round problem - especially as we turn up the heat indoors? Now is a great time to consider upgrading your mattress. And if you are looking for cooler, more comfortable sleep, the Serta Arctic sleep system may be a great solution. The Serta Arctic mattress includes cooling technology that pulls heat away from your body for all-night cooling relief. The Serta Arctic collection also includes cooling memory foam pillows to help you get your best night’s sleep. The Serta Arctic mattress starts at $2,999. The complete line can be found on Serta.com.

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