Wednesday, Nov 20 2019
What do Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Adam Levine and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? They all work with celeb fitness Trainer Harley Pasternak. We sat …more
Monday, Nov 4 2019
Fall is in full swing, which means flu season is officially here. About 8% of the US population gets the flu every year and some years,as great as11%. …more
Thursday, Sep 26 2019
September is Self-Improvement Month. We have the scoop on three ways to improve your look and well-being from the inside out to live your best life, …more
Friday, Sep 6 2019
The time from conception to a child's second birthday is the most important 1,000 days of their life, as these initial months are vital developmental …more
Friday, Sep 6 2019
Getting your kids to brush their teeth isn't always easy, but the latest toothbrush is doing its best to help not only make the routine easier but …more
Friday, Aug 23 2019
Sleep is a critical part of your child's health and just as important as good nutrition and regular physical activity. In fact, experts say they …more
Tuesday, Aug 20 2019
Research shows over half of U.S. adults suffer from tooth sensitivity, which prevents them from enjoying their favorite foods and drinks, in fear that …more
Wednesday, Aug 14 2019
Hot weather can be hard on the body, and as we head into 'Back to School' season, with increased activities including sports practices, exercising, …more
Thursday, Jul 18 2019
Allergies are on the rise, especially food-related allergies in infants and children. One of the most common infant food allergies is cow's milk …more
Monday, Jul 15 2019
July 21st is National Ice Cream Day, but for those who suffer withsensitive teeth, the holiday might not be that fun. We spoke with top NYC dentist …more
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