3 Buys to Be Healthier This New Year

Workout gear, power fuel, and a must-have moisturizer

By The LifeMinute Team

January 15, 2018

It's the old adage "New Year, New You", so here are 3 musts to give you a head start on looking and feeling your best.

POM Wonderful
Packed with antioxidant superpower and potassium, it helps maintain healthy muscle function, with 100% pomegranate juice it's the perfect workout partner.

Buy it here.

Jockey Workout Bras
Specifically designed for different types of workouts: low, medium, and high. Providing the ultimate support and comfort. All made with moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry.

Find them at Macy's, macys.com and here.

Eucerin Original Healing
Quenching your body on the outside is just as important as hydrating it from the inside. This dermatologist-recommended brand is a great solution for dry skin and comes in a lotion or a crme formulation.

Pick it up at food, drug and mass retailers and get it here.


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