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Get-healthy secret weapons for 2017: High-quality protein, great green juices, nutritious  breakfasts and sure-fire cold remedies

By The LifeMinute Team

January 9, 2017

When it comes to your protein does it taste delicious and contain clean and whole ingredients?

Get Picky About Your Protein

Orgain products are high quality, clean organic protein that are pulled from whole food sources. This is a line that was developed by Dr. Andrew Abraham when he couldn’t find the highest quality nutrition on the market at a time he was fighting a rare form of cancer. So it became his mission to develop these products from which we can all benefit,” says beauty and health expert Molly Nover Baker.

A few options to choose from: A protein powder which you can simply mix it into any smoothie, an on-the-go  nutritional shake which is great for adults or kids. Or try one of the nutritional bars which are great for stashing in your bag. “The line is about getting clean, organic protein wherever and however you want it,” says Nover Baker.

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Great Green Juices 

Studies show that 81% of Americans are trying to work more fruits and vegetables into their diets, but even with the best of intentions it can be difficult. “Our little secret? Do it with a green juice. Evolution Fresh is great for this because they’ve crafted seven green juices. Each one is packed with one pound of fruits and vegetables. No sugar is added,” says Nover Baker.
“These fruits and vegetables are picked while they’re in their prime and cold pressed to preserve the delicious flavor and nutrient benefits.”

To  keep you on your green plan, Evolution Fresh is announcing that they are bringing back National Green Juice Day on January 26. “On that day Evolution Fresh will be giving out free juices in select cities. They’ve chosen that date because it falls between the third and fourth week of the month. That’s notoriously when a lot of us have already broken our New Year’s Resolutions,” says the expert.

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The Best Breakfast

“ It’s the most important meal of the day and essential to keeping your healthy resolutions,” she says. Nature’s Path Qi’a Superflakes is excellent for this. They’re a superfood sprouted grain cold cereal that will keep you loaded up with energy all day. The cereal comes in three flavors; they are organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and loaded with good protein fiber and whole grains that is low in sugar. “This is most definitely not your typical flake cereal. It also contains premium organic ingredients like fair trade coconut, chia seed sprouted grains and even unique ingredients like black bean flour to really ramp up your nutrition in the morning.”

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Cut Your Cold

It’s the season of the cold and it’s essential that you have products on hand to help you fight it. Cold-EEZE lozenges have been clinically proven to shorten the length of your cold by nearly half the time. “It’s the product you want with you at all times, in your purse, in your car so that the minute you start feeling those symptoms coming on you can pop a lozenge. They’ve recently come out with the multi-symptom cold and flu lozenge which not only shorten the length of your cold but also help you fight off some of those symptoms associated with it,” says Nover Baker.. Another new products are the gummies, which are great for the whole family. Even kids will love them. You can take them to shorten the length of your cold but also to give you relief from the symptoms like cough, sore throat and congestion. You want to make them your first line of defense the minute you feel a cold coming on.

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Prevention is Key

Now you’ve heard it before, but exercising for twenty  minutes a day, drinking  lots of water and getting a solid night’s sleep are three key essentials to get you in good, overall health for the New Year.