February is Heart Health Month: Tips for Making Healthier Seafood Choices

We’re taking a peek at how you can make healthy choices for both your heart and the ocean, just by checking the label at your local grocer


From the LifeMinute.TV Team


February 4, 2019


It’s Heart Health Month and it’s no secret that seafood is an important part of a balanced diet and essential for healthy heart function. But did you know that  by choosing wild caught sustainable seafood you’re also keeping our oceans healthy?


How to know what’s sustainable? Just look for the MSC blue fish label. The MSC is a global nonprofit that works with fishermen, retailers, food service providers and scientists to keep our oceans healthy and ensure wild seafood is available for generations to come. 


Their label recognizes products that have met rigorous criteria through an independent third-party process.  Look for it on nearly 30,000 products globally, on every form of seafood, from fresh, frozen and canned, to nutritional supplements like omega-3s, even pet food. 


You’ll not only be making a heart healthy choice for yourself and your family, but a sustainable one for the ocean. Visit MSC.org and follow @mscbluefish on social media. 



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