Find Your Way to a Fitter, Healthier Holiday Season

Tips, tricks and food and drink ideas you need to enjoy a healthy and happy holiday season

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

November 23, 2020

Just in time for the holidays here are some simple ways to stay energized and feel great during the busiest time of the year, including ideas for sneaking in exercise even when stuck at home.  Plus, easy ingredient recipe swaps that will wow your holiday guests and provide an all-important nutrition and antioxidant fix.

For starters it’s important to stock your fridge with good-for-you food and drinks. That way, it’s easy to make a healthy choice when you’re thirsty or hungry. A great staple to stock up on at home is Pom Wonderful. It’s 100% pomegranate juice. It’s a simple, delicious way to fuel your body with antioxidants and great when you’re looking for a quick refuel, especially if you’ve got a busy schedule or need something before or after a workout.

Pom is a simple way to power through your day with antioxidants that fight free radicals that can do damage to the body’s cells. With four times the antioxidants as green tea, on average. It’s whole-pressed to release the antioxidants in the rind, pith and arils, and to optimize its potential antioxidant benefits. Each 16-oz bottle contains the juice of four whole- pressed pomegranates and nothing else - no added sugar, fillers or preservatives.

It’s also a good source of potassium, an important electrolyte for healthy muscle function. As much as your average banana!

Check out these Pom-inspired recipes:

Pom Ginger Sports Drink
This is an easy workout drink with just Pom, water, ground ginger and salt. It’s perfect to energize you right before a workout, or replenish energy after.

Pom Spiced Cider
Your body doesn’t forget about your workout after your post-workout snack, so when you want to get cozy with a warm drink, simmer Pom with your favorite fall aromatics and enjoy antioxidants in the form of a Pom spiced cider.

Pom Glazed Salmon
Add antioxidants to your protein, along with healthy fats with this dish. Reduce Pom with fresh ginger, garlic, and some soy sauce and your post-workout entree will taste better than ever!

Avo Toast + Salmon
After a morning workout, you’ll want carbs and protein right away, and your leftover Pom glazed salmon makes a quick post-workout meal when paired with whole grain avocado toast.

Smoothie Bowl
Whether you need an easily digested breakfast a couple of hours before a workout, or a quick and delicious blend of protein and carbs after, this Pom smoothie bowl will become your go-to. Just blend Pom with yogurt and frozen fruit, then top with better for you fats from pistachios and vitamin C from mandarins.

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