Getting your Vitamin C: Tips for Building Immune Support During Cold and Flu Season

Simple ideas for maximizing nutritional benefits

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

November 19, 2020

As we head into peak cold and flu season it’s more important than ever to eat right and do what you can to boost your immune system. Research shows whenever possible it is best to consume immune supporting nutrients like vitamin C from fresh, natural sources rather than supplements, because complex whole foods provide greater, more potent overall nutritional value and variety.

California Navel Oranges, for example, widely available now in most grocery stores, provide a natural source of vitamins and nutrients that help support a healthy diet and immune system. In fact, one California Navel orange has 90 percent of the daily-recommended value of vitamin C in just one.

Check out these tips, recipes and easy ways to incorporate delicious citrus into your diet.

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