March is National Nutrition Month

Musts for making the most of your health every day

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

March 5, 2021

March is National Nutrition Month, and we have the scoop on how mental and gut health are aligned, plus, the best easy eats you should always make a part of your diet.

Get Your Gut in Check:

Align Probiotic 24/7 Digestive Support
A  healthy digestive system is so important for overall good health. Supplement your digestive system with good bacteria 24/7 so you can maintain a healthy digestive balance at all times. 70% of our body’s immune system is located within the gut.

Align Gut Health & Immunity Support developed with good bacteria is great if you’re looking to boost your immunity and overall health and digestion.

Easy Eats:

American Pistachios
High in fiber and antioxidants, they’re loaded with vitamin b6 and potassium. They are also a complete protein, in fact, 1serving has a much protein as an egg.  And they’re  one of the lowest calorie nuts around, only 160 calories per serving. Plus, they give your immune system a real boost. They’re also high in lutein which promotes eye health, cholesterol-free and certified “heart healthy” by the American Heart Association. Studies show they may even help lower cholesterol and maintain blood pressure and blood sugar levels. And they taste yummy on everything or just on their own. Check out for recipes and snacking ideas.

Mind Your Mental Health: 

Mental health is a function of 4 things: environment, experiences, genetics, and lifestyle. Traditionally we only have had access to 3 of the 4 things, preventing us from having a 360 degree view of mental health. But with the scientific advancements from a company called Genomind, it’s finally possible to start understanding how your genes affect your mental health. They developed the Genomind Mental Health Map which teaches you how you are genetically predisposed to react to your environment, experiences, and lifestyle such that it effects your behavior and mental health.

Each test comes with a consultation with an expert who will review your report with you, so that you not only understand your genetic predispositions, but also the tools and techniques to help you overcome obstacles or support strengths.

Get your Genomind test at or

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