A Natural Solution For Kids’ Coughs And Colds

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Oilogic’s Stuffy Nose & Cough Essential Oil Roll-On
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Little one suffering from a stuffy nose or cough? Look no further for relief than essential oils

By The LifeMinute Team

November 28, 2016

If you have a little one you know how tough it is on both of you when they get sick. Here to help is mom Tara Kraft with a safe way to help alleviate the heartbreaking discomforts caused by your child's cough and cold.

To comfort your child naturally she suggests Oilogic Essential Oil Care, a line of custom, 100% pure essential oil blends safely diluted to safely for your kiddos.

Soothing Bath

How to use them? First, run a warm bath with a few drops of Oilogic Stuffy Nose & Cough Essential Oil Vapor Bath. “It contains a custom blend of essential oils such as lavandin orange and fir needle to help sooth stuffy noses and discomfort from coughing,” Kraft says.

Pour the soothing drops right it into the bath before bed to help alleviate those cough and cold symptoms. Next apply Oilogic’s Stuffy Nose & Cough Essential Oil Roll-On right onto the chest and the bottoms of feet. Small patients will inhale the natural vapors while they sleep and will breathe easier when they wake.

A Safe Solution

The oil blends are sourced from all over the world and are clean, natural and free of phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, dyes, and fragrances.

The products, developed by two moms, are also pediatrician-and-dermatologist-tested, which ups the safety factor.

Find Oilogic products at Meijer’s stores in the baby aisle for $7.99 or Oilogiccare.com.