New Year, New You: Look And Feel Your Best, Fast

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Chloraseptic, No7 Protect & Protect Intense Advanced Serum
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Choose the most amazing skincare, athletic wear, get-healthy gear and medicine for 2017

By The LifeMinute Team

January 17, 2017

Resolution: Superb Skincare

Choose a great beauty product that is sure to have you looking your best during every season of the year, says Lifestyle Expert Bahar Takhtehchian, who recommends No7 Protect & Protect Intense Advanced Serum, which:

-Offers fantastically quick results
-Is the U.K.’s number 1 serum brand
-Anti-aging serum backed by science
-Reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles in just 4 weeks
-Recommended for use twice a day after cleansing and before applying makeup
-Packed with antioxidants and peptides
-Has an elegant texture
-Is lightweight and lets makeup glide on easily

Find it at Target stores or for under $30.

Resolution: Get Active

As a women you have to find the best sports bra for every activity to stay comfortable. “Thankfully Jockey has a selection of wonderful sports bras at Macy’s stores, and they work for every activity and come in so many fun colors,” says Takhtehchian. So if you like  low-impact exercises like Pilates or yoga, try a seam-free option a removable cup and is, lightweight and stretchy. A racer back is nice too.

For people who like to do medium-impact activists like cycling, go for a bra that has a molded cup and is seam-free. Adjustable straps and a  racer back are also really helpful.

High-impact lovers like  boxing or running should shoot for something that has a zip front;  a snap lock is really effective and gives you support and security.

Look for all of these at Macy’s stores or for about $32-$34.

Resolution: Get Active

If you are working out or watching what you eat in the new year, of course you want to know if there are any changes on the scale. “The next product is the Weight Watchers Scales by ConAir Body Analysis Scale. It is more than just a scale. It gives you feedback. It’s a tool that tells you what your body fat is, what your body water is, what your BMI is and it even tells you your bone mass,” says the expert, who loves the fact that up to 9 people can store their information in this scale and that  it synchs to your Android and IOS devices so you can keep track on fitness apps.

Find this at Target stores for about $59.99.

Resolution: A Quick Cure

If you can’t escape winter’s germs and you get a cold, Chloraseptic is there to help you. “They happen to be the number one sore throat relief brand and I love their sprays and lozenges. Pharmacists really love their sprays as well because they are the number one recommended throat sprays on the market,” she says. “I always recommend keeping some in your medicine cabinet just in case!”

Find them at places like Walmart.