Simple Tips to Fuel Your Body and Stay Healthy All Year Long

Fueling yourself with healthy food, drink and antioxidants is your best offense

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

April 21, 2020

Good health is definitely top of mind for everyone right now. So what are some ways we can make sure we are staying healthy? Juice can be a great quick way to boost nutrition, but with so many on the market you have to be careful which one you choose. We talked to Registered Dietitian, Maya Feller, about how to pick the right one and other tips to stay healthy.

“You want to make sure any juice you pick is as close to nature as possible, closest to the source, to ensure you are maximizing the benefits. You want to avoid added sugar, colors, fillers or preservatives,” she says, “I work with POM Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice, because it’s a great, easy and delicious way to fuel your body with antioxidants.”

And Feller says on average, pom juice has four times the antioxidants as green tea, plus no added sugar, colors, fillers or preservatives. But why are antioxidants so important? “Food and drinks powered by antioxidants like pomegranate juice help fight free radicals that can do damage to the body’s cells,” says the dietician, “stress and environmental pollutants can generate even more free radicals for the body to deal with…so keep stress at bay, get fresh air when you can.”

Lastly, Feller says always practice common sense health care. “Take care of your body, get enough sleep, stay fit with exercise, wash your hands regularly, stay home when you are sick, and cover coughs and sneezes,” she says.

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