Simple Tips to Get in Shape in 2021

Hacks to hit your fitness goals this year

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

January 7, 2021

Set a Realistic Goal
People tend to want to make their fitness goals too lofty. Instead of saying you want to lose 25 lbs, start with 5 lbs. Instead of trying to run a marathon aim for a mile. Setting realistic goals will help you actually hit them and avoid feeling discouraged. Once you hit your smaller milestones you can set the next reachable goal. 

Make Exercising Fun
If you dread working out, then you are more likely to skip it. To avoid this, choose exercise that is fun or even exciting such as a dance class, hiking trail or game of tennis.

Treat Your Workout like a Meeting
You wouldn’t miss a work meeting, so you should schedule your fitness activities just as you would any other important event. Make a resolution to commit to getting in your workout on time and just like any other appointment if you miss it or something comes up, reschedule it, to make sure you get it in. 

Enlist a Friend
Having a workout buddy will make you more accountable. If one of you doesn’t feel like working out that day the other is there to encourage you and keep you on track making you more likely to stick to your fitness plan.

Track Your Progress
Make sure you take note of the progress you are making, how many pounds or inches you're losing, increase in the amount of weights you're able to lift, your endurance---are you going a little faster, is it getting a little easier?  Seeing your little achievements will help you stay the course and provide the motivation to keep challenging yourself. 

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