Skincare Essentials You Need Right Now

From your hands to your face, it’s never been more important to practice a good skincare regimen

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

May 28, 2020

From constant hand washing to irritation from face coverings, sensitive skin needs are at an all-time high. While face coverings are super important, they can trap in humidity, sweat, oil and bacteria, making skin more susceptible to itchiness, inflammation and other skin concerns. In fact, patients who might not have had skin concerns in the past are now reporting increased sensitivity, dry, cracked skin and other skin irritations.

Experts say you should dial back your skincare routine to include only the essentials – a gentle cleanser that will wash away impurities but won’t strip natural oils and a moisturizer that will help repair the skin’s moisture barrier. The skin on your face is actually thinner than the rest of your body, so a gentle, soap-free cleanser is your best option.

Tips to keep in mind when it comes to hand washing--wash for at least 20 seconds, using a cleanser and lukewarm water. Be sure to get your entire hand, in between fingers, and under fingernails, where dirt and bacteria can hide.

Since we’re now washing our hands much more frequently, we’re also disrupting our protective skin barrier. Dry, irritated, itchy skin as well as cracks, could potentially allow bacteria to enter and cause infection. That said, it’s so important to add moisture back into your skin after washing with a lotion that seals-in hydration.   

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