Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe on Why Quitting Can Be a Positive Thing

The athlete partnered with natural deodorant brand Schmidt’s for their Quit with Schmidt's campaign

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

June 23, 2022

Soccer all-star Megan Rapinoe has teamed up with Schmidt's deodorant in celebration of the brand's birthday this month for the Quit with Schmidt's campaign showing us how quitting can be positive when guided by self-fulfillment.

Rapinoe said as an athlete and someone who always aspires to be her best self, you hear a lot that quitting is not an option. But, she shared, "oftentimes it can be a pursuit of self-fulfillment." 12 years ago, Schmidt’s founder Jaime Schmidt made the courageous decision to quit her nine-to-five job and created a natural deodorant free from ingredients like aluminum salts, parabens, and artificial fragrances, in favor of natural ingredients that worked.

Inspired by Jaime’s story and in celebration of Schmidt’s upcoming birthday this month, the campaign aims to change the perception of quitting in our culture for the better by celebrating folks who have shown the courage to quit what doesn’t serve them in pursuit of what does.

As part of the campaign, Schmidt's had an Instagram contest asking people to submit their personal quitting stories for a chance to receive both a $1,500 gift card for a weekend retreat to take the time and space to reconnect with what fulfills them and a year’s supply of Schmidt’s products. The named three winners will also participate in a "Schmidt’s Quitters Club" video chat with Rapinoe and Jaime Schmidt.

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