Stress-Busting Supplements

5 things to help you get through the stresses of the day

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

February 19, 2021

Everyone deals with stress in their lives and lately even more so. If you find yourself more on edge as of late, here are some vitamins and supplements to try that may help alleviate the stresses of the day. Of course, consult with your physician before taking anything. 

This evergreen shrub derives from India but you can find it in capsule form at your local drugstore. It contains chemicals that help calm the brain, reduces inflammation and lowers blood pressure.

Vitamin B
The body burns through B5 and B6 when it’s stressed so taking vitamin B daily can help with anxiety and nervousness.

A precursor of serotonin it can relieve a bad mood. It also promotes sleep and helps with weight loss.

Lemon Balm
Adding this to a food or drink reduces anxiety and increases calmness. It contains Rosmarinic acid, which has an antidepressant effect on the brain.

Drinking Kava tea is the most common way to take this supplement. It can give you a slight “buzzed” feeling because of its muscle-relaxing properties.

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