Tips to Encourage Self-Care for Kids

From personal hygiene to trying contact lenses 

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

June 8, 2021

We’re all trying to practice self-care now more than ever and doing whatever we can to make ourselves feel good. If you have kids you know that goes for them as well. So here are some tips to help.

Hygiene is key and sometimes it can be a challenge. So do little things to make it appealing for the children in your family, such as buying some cool smelling soaps or great bath bombs. You can also try a fun electric toothbrush. Challenge your kids to find the most unique shampoos for individual members of the family.

If your kids are complaining about their glasses fogging up when wearing a mask, consider asking your eye doctor about contact lenses instead. Nearly 4/5 teens prefer them over glasses. A great choice for first-time wearers are Biotrue® ONEday daily disposables because they’re easy to handle, and comfortable for all day wear. Research shows that we blink less when we read on screens – which can reduce moisture in our eyes. Biotrue® ONEday contact lenses are unbeaten in moisture, maintaining almost all of their moisture for 16 hours. This is important because teens can spend a large part of their day texting with friends, binge-watching shows and gaming online! Not to mention remote learning. Plus, they’re disposable, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning and storing them – you get a nice fresh pair of lenses every morning and you just throw them out at the end of the day, so super easy.

Just be sure to ask your doctor if your child is a good candidate for contact lenses. If she or he shows responsibility in other areas of their lives, contacts might be a great next step.

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