Tips for a Healthier 2017: Time To Try Telemedicine

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When it comes to your New Year’s resolutions, small, positive efforts can have a big impact

By The LifeMinute Team

January 16, 2017

Focusing on improving your health this year? It’s the little things that add up, according to Dr. Mia Finkelston of LiveHealth Online, who suggests taking these steps for a healthier 2017:

Diet- Make an effort to have nuts every day. The same with green, leafy vegetables.

Sleep- We know sleep is one of the most important things we can do for you body, so try to get better sleep. You will look good and and feel good because of it.

Exercise- Is always at the top of most people’s lists for resolutions. Yet we’re not all gym goers and sometimes we don’t feel like going to the gym. “So I try to explain to my patients about using your body weight and do floor exercises. That way you can still build strength and encourage balance as well as flexibility which do wonderful things for your health,” she says.

Preventative Medicine

How do you stay on track with all these ideas? Preventative medicine is really important for year-long health. As you know it’s a great way to start things off so in the beginning of the year, so go ahead and set up your wellness visit or your physical. Get a dental visit while you’re at it and use the information you’re given and use it all year long.

Try Telemedicine

“I also recommend registering for LiveHealth Online so that you can see a live doctor who is certified, just like myself, when you need it. It’s a very convenient tool that is gaining popularity this year. In addition in 2017 we have some exciting offerings. We will have a weight management program where you can connect with a registered dietician or nutritionist at your convenience to keep you on track and we will also have a breastfeeding platform where you can connect with a lactation specialist,” says the doctor.

What is LifeHealth Online? “Through the use of your Smartphone, your tablet or your computer with a web cam you can connect live with a board-certified, U.S.-based physician or a licensed therapist. We are available 365 days a year, 24/7 including holidays for your convenience. Doctors like myself can help diagnose common, non-emergent ailments like a cold, flu, eye infections, a stomach bug, skin infections to name a few,” says Finkelston. Doctors can help plan a treatment plan and diagnosis and even offer a prescription if you need it in some states. Most visits are $49 or less depending on your insurance.

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