Understanding Stubborn Dandruff and How to Control It

50% of people are predisposed to dandruff but there are extra strength solutions to help

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

March 26, 2021

For some people scalp problems run deep. Stubborn dandruff can be persistent and lead to anxiety, sadness, insecurity in social interactions. Head & Shoulders is fighting the stigma of dandruff in their new campaign – #takebackyourfuture. It features real people sharing the emotional impact that stubborn dandruff has played on their lives.

They learn that 50% of people are predisposed to dandruff – and that they’re not alone.  While we can’t always control what gives us dandruff, we can control our shared understanding of it and our control over it. 

There is a serious, extra strength solution. Enter the new Head & Shoulders Clinical Dandruff Defense collections including shampoos and 2-in-1s.

The new collection contains selenium sulfide, and zinc-based actives that fight tough dandruff and take control of your flakes for good.

Check it out in three different types you can find at drugstores.

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