What You Need to Know About Flu Shots and COVID Vaccines

Some important advice on what to consider, especially if you or someone you love is elderly

From the LifeMinute.TV Team

November 11, 2021

It's flu season, but with COVID still looming, there is so much to consider—like when is the right time to get the flu shot and your COVID booster? Dr. Nagrani from Heal, a healthcare company that provides medical care to seniors in the privacy of their own homes, says it is not only safe to get the flu shot and your COVID booster but also safe to get them at the same time.

“The flu shot and COVID vaccine will have similar side effects to previous doses,” says Dr. Nagrani. “It’s particularly important for patients 65 years and older to get these vaccines because they are at higher risk for serious complications from either condition.”

Bottom line: Dr. Nagrani says it’s crucial to get protected before flu season begins, and while COVID remains a serious threat, it’s important to consider other factors as well.

 “Where we live, work, and play has important consequences for our health risks and outcomes, so with Heal,” says the doctor, “having the doctor come to your house, we remove the barrier and deliver primary care there, where we can both take extra time to address all of your needs and concerns. Primary care includes preventive health, acute urgent care for minor issues that don’t require an emergency room, but also things that are important like screenings for your health, drawing labs like bloodwork, and vaccines.”

Heal doctors can evaluate a wide range of social determinants of health, confirming medications are being taken correctly, patients are eating well, and their surroundings are safe and well-maintained.

“That’s part of the value of a doctor coming to your house for a house call, but another part is having the time to build a relationship and getting to know each other so you can skip the waiting room, have that extra time and discuss all the things that are going to be important to your health,” says Dr. Nagrani. 

Heal is covered by Medicare and major Medicare Advantage plans, plus there are no added costs or membership fees. And Medicare annual enrollment takes place until December 7th. For more info, visit heal.com.

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