Women's Health Top 5 Summer Workout Must-Haves

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Women's Health Next Fitness Star competition Rachel Nicks
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Rachel Nicks, one of the top five finalists for Women's Health's "Next Fitness Star" competition, shares these fitness essentials that'll help you have your healthiest, happiest, and fittest summer ever

From the LifeMinute Team

July 29, 2015

Women's Health has scoured the country for skilled and dynamic personal trainers to contend in their second annual "Next Fitness Star" competition. The editors reviewed thousands of submissions and narrowed the field to a talented top five. Here, finalist Rachel Nicks—a certified Hatha yoga, barre, TRX and prenatal and postpartum fitness instructor, and certified doula—shares five fitness must-haves that'll make your summer workouts even better.

1. EAS AdvantEDGE Carb Control Shakes, $5.99 for a 4-pack.

"It's important to replenish and refuel after a really strenuous workout. The great thing about this shake is that it's ready to go, only 100 calories and has plant-based protein. It's packed with 17 grams of quality protein, less than one gram of sugar and it's loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. I love it as a quick snack when I'm on the run," says Nicks. 

2. Coppertone Sport AccuSpray Sunscreen, $9.99

"Most of us don't think about putting on sunscreen before we go workout, but it's probably one of the best things you can do for your health," says Nicks. Her favorite: Coppertone Sport. "It's really strong, even when you sweat, and it has UVA and UVB protection that protects you from the sun's most powerful rays. I love it because when I sweat, it doesn't run into my eyes and sting since it is water resistant," she explains.

3. Nike Studio Wraps, $55 to $99.

"Even indoor workouts can get hot, sweaty and slippery, so it's essential to have the proper footwear," says Nicks. For barefoot workouts, like yoga or barre, she wears Nike Studio Wraps. "They're awesome because they provide great traction, they prevent me from slipping and the cute ribbons add support for my arches and my ankles. And I love them because I get to color coordinate and they are super cute," she says.

4. Outdoor Tech ORCAS Wireless Earbuds, $99.95.

"I love a good workout with great music, so you have to have the proper tech when you're working out outdoors," says Nicks. Her go-to: Outdoor Tech ORCAS Wireless Earbuds. "Usually with movement and sweat, I'm always plugging ear plugs back into my ears, but with these you don't have to do that. They are ultra-light and sweat-proof. And they have Bluetooth technology so it'll comfortably sit in your ears and you can focus on your moves," she says.

5. Nathan Fire & Ice Bottle, $12.

"You’ve got to stay hydrated when you're working out in this hot summer heat. Having a dependable water bottle is key," she says. Try Nathan Fire & Ice Bottle. "It's really cool because it stabilizes liquid temperatures and even on the hottest day, you have chilled water—that's super important!" she says.