Friday, Apr 13 2018
For years we had been just as curious as readers about what happened to Nan and all the characters in the first book. We pictured a happy hazy sunset …more
Thursday, Apr 12 2018
From soccer games and camping trips, to hikes, bike-rides, and more, 'tis the season to get outside, but first check out these musts to add to your …more
Monday, Apr 9 2018
The actress, mom and co-host of "The Real" opened up the doors to her beautiful west coast home and filled us in on how she's living
Thursday, Apr 5 2018
If you're a horse owner--now is the time to consider vaccination
Thursday, Mar 29 2018
Getting creative this Easter doesn't have to be hard, especially when you have colorful and fun things to fill your basket with. Check out some of our …more
Wednesday, Mar 21 2018
Two out of three American teens are stressed and many don't feel equipped to handle it. When school is in session, teens are the most stressed group …more
Thursday, Mar 15 2018
Spring is almost here and whether you're getting together for Easter Sunday or planning a spring soiree, the key is to keep it simple. Try these easy …more
Tuesday, Mar 6 2018
It's Daylight Savings Time, that means time to move our clocks one hour ahead, but what you may not realize is that one less hour of sleep can have …more
Friday, Feb 9 2018
The most romantic day of the year is almost here. So romantic that there were 9 million proposals last year. So how should you prepare? We share the …more
Thursday, Feb 1 2018
How to have your best Valentine's Day yet? Sex Therapist and Relationship Psychologist, Dr. Shannon Chavez gives her best advice.
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