Writer-director Aaron Schimberg's third and latest film, A Different Man , premiered at Sundance last night. A surreal, singular tale of one man's …more
We Are DEVO! And they made us all FEEL as though we were, creatively having the long line of awaiting press wear the iconic red construction hats the …more
Catch Miller's Girl in theaters, Badland Hunters streaming on Netflix and The Underdoggs streaming on Prime Video.
Writer-director Christopher Jenkins takes us on a funny and emotional adventure through the eyes and many lives of a pampered cat, Beckett, in his new …more
39-year-old Aubrey Plaza ( White Lotus , Parks and Recreation, Dirty Grandpa ) goes back in time in her latest film, My Old Ass , which premiered at …more
Alicia Silverstone premiered her new film Krazy House at the Sundance Film Festival last night. Directors Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kuil's horror …more
Jesse Eisenberg was going to play the lead in the film he wrote and directed surrounding the Majdanek concentration camp in present-day Poland, but …more
There have been a lot of films about iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, best known for her brilliant and colorful self-portraits. But director and …more
Lucy Liu, This is Us star, Chris Sullivan, Callina Liang, Julia Fox, Eddy Maday, West Mulholland, and Director Steven Soderbergh premiere Presence at …more
Co-Star Michael Fassbender is a 'No-Show,' But the Band Played On Kneecap biopic, co-starring the three Irish rappers Mo Chara, Mgla Bap, and DJ Prva, …more
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