Friday, Oct 30 2020
Four new films to check out for All Hallows Eve
Friday, Sep 18 2020
Singer turned actress Janelle Mone steps into the role of Eden in the thriller Antebellum. The artist discussed her break out role and co-star Jena …more
Friday, Sep 4 2020
From Disney's live-action Mulan to sci-fi film, Tenet starring John David Washington
Thursday, Aug 27 2020
The flicks out now with something for the whole family.
Friday, Jul 31 2020
Four flicks to add to your movie queue for the weekend.
Tuesday, Jul 21 2020
Parent Trap stars Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid , Elaine Hendrix, Simon Kunz, Lisa Ann Walter, director, Nancy Meyers and producer, Charles Shyer came …more
Thursday, Jul 9 2020
Tom Hanks, Charlize Theron and more star in this weeks' latest flicks available to stream.
Friday, Jun 26 2020
Jon Stewart might be left leaning in his personal politics, but Steve Carell and the cast of Irresistible say the film throws jabs at republicans and …more
Thursday, Jun 11 2020
There is something for all ages this week with these new releases in comedy, drama, thriller and fantasy, all available to buy or stream now.
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